WellStar Vision 2022 Founder Conference 07+08/01/2017


Vision 2022 Founder Conference 07+08/01/2017

In the past year 2016, BYAS was being carried by a wave of excitement across Europe from thousands and thousands of BYAS Team Leaders. More than 80 of the most successful Presidents from an impressive 12 European countries have even reached one of the coveted and unique WellStar Founder positions. They were being honored at the WellStar Founder Conference in Berlin and also received as the first all the news about the specific improvements plus an outlook to the huge agenda for the next months. 



WellStar Go Ambassador Founder Summer Camp Italy, 03+04/09/2016

WellStar Go Ambassador Founder Summer Camp Italy, 03./04.09.2016

Europe No.1 Go Founder Convention - NICE 06+07/05/2017

The month of May was a thrilling source of exiting surprises. During the month of May, you could meet thousands of WellStar Partners gathered from across Europe that brilliantly showed that BYAS has become a wonderful movement how people can rejuvenate in a natural, effective and above all affordable way. Numerous people with the most different backgrounds built their personal and financial freedom on the BYAS Business of Professional Home Beauty Hi-Tech. Also immerse you yourself in the extraordinary world of BYAS. A lot of partners came to Nice immersed themselves in the extraordinary world of BYAS and enjoyed and took part in this fantastic opportunity. You could enjoy a firework of news, inspirational speakers & trainers, fantastic show acts and thrilling recognitions. We were pleased to meet you there personally. Don´t miss the next WellStar Convention!



WellStar Master University, 08-15/05/2017

Master University, 08-15/05/2017

Master University 08-15/05/2017

The Dominican Republic was the center of gravity for a group of WellStar leaders who specifically qualified for this extraordinary training event. They acquired the best knowledge in Network Marketing and expertise in BYAS products, which is necessary for their success to the very top. WellStar´s leaders experienced an inspirational week with top class, exclusive trainings and enjoyed a fantastic framework programme, including joint trips, joint sport activities and the legendary WellStar Gala Dinner Night. Don´t miss to qualify for the next WellStar Master University Trip!


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WellStar Conventions, May 2015

WellStar Europe No. 1 Go Founder Convention - Vienna 30/09+01/10/2017

Europe No.1 Go Founder Convention - VIENNA 30/09+01/10/2017

What an exceptional event took place during the past weekend in Vienna!

Around 1.200 WellStar Partners decided to come all the way to Austria to the WellStar Europe No. 1 Go Founder Convention that took place in the spectacular setting of the Marx Hall Vienna. They decided so well... and witnessed live the Word Launch of the sensational 3rd BYAS product line, a firework of news and thrilling recognitions of successful partners.





WellStar Europe No.1 go Founder Convention - Vienna 30/09+01/10/2017 Video Popup